Optional Custom Installation Directory using a Step Template


I have a step template that I currently use to install a variety of different applications that my team maintains. In order to make the step template more versatile, I was wondering if there is a way that I can make the Custom Installation Directory optional.

Right now, I have a parameter #{Deployment_Destination} which I use in the “Install to” field, so when I set up a new project, I just enter the location in the parameter. What I would like to do is if I leave that parameter blank (or maybe enter a certain value), then it would use the default location - C:\Octopus\Applications[Environment name][Package name][Package version]\


Hi Joe,

Thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately there’s no way to make the Custom Installation Directory optional. It’s an interesting idea, so I have made a UserVoice suggestion. Please go by and give it a vote!

Kind regards,