Option to display only prerelease and/or stable packages in Create Release page


It would be nice if Octopus provided an option in Create Release page for us to select only stable packages from NuGet feed, just like the NuGet Package Manager does in Visual Studio. That way we could have both stable and prerelease packages in the same feed and still be able to select the latest stable version or the latest prerelease version without having to pick a specific number every time we create a new release.


We’re having a similar issue. We have both prerelease and stable packages exposed via the same NuGet feed, but we’d like the option to exclude prerelease packages when creating deployments that target specific environments (Staging and Production).

In particular, it would be great to automatically create releases that include the latest stable versions of all the component packages.

Is this currently possible, or likely to appear in a coming release?



Hi Dylan.

We managed to accomplish that by using low version numbers for prerelease packages: 0.xxx-dev. Since stable packages have higher version numbers Octopus always shows them first in the Create Release page.

It works for now, but it’d be great if Octopus had built-in support for that. Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:


+1 this would be really useful.

This sounds similar to what I’m trying to do. Where I could release prerelease packages to test but only release versions to stage and prod.

We’ve added this in Octopus 2.0