Operation: Acquire package "project"."version_number" failed with error


I am facing a problem while building an SSDT project on Team City, and deploying it on Octopus Deploy, which is not listed on any forums.

After trying steps mentioned here, I am getting an error - Operation: Acquire package “project”.“version_number” failed with error: The package “project” version “version_number” could not be located in the built-in repository.
I am using a “Visual Studio (Sln)” build step in Team City with “OctoPack package version” as %build.number%
In the (“Deploy a NuGet package”) process step in Octopus Deploy, I have mentioned NuGet package ID as per nuspec file (“package\metadata\id”).

I am an end user, without administration access.
So not sure what to ask my helpdesk team (for troubleshooting).
Could you please help me solve this issue?

Thanks and Best Regards,

Hi Harsha,

Thanks for getting in touch.

The error message would suggest that your package has not been uploaded to the built-in Octopus package repository. Yet the Octopus step is likely configured to acquire your package from the built-in Octopus feed.

Can you confirm where your package is being uploaded to?

If you are deploying your package to an external feed (NOT Octopus’ built-in feed), then you will need to configure your Octopus step to use that external feed as the package source.

If you are deploying your package to the built-in Octopus feed, then you will need to confirm that it has uploaded correctly.

To do this, you will need access to Octopus Deploy and be able to view the Library > Packages area (as discussed in our packaging documentation).

Hope this helps.


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