Only 1 environment choice in deployment

I have a machine which has a role “WindowsDeploy” in it’s environment section it has (Dev, QA, Stage, Prod).

From the Environments tab, I can see all 4 environments. When clicking on “Deploy this release” I only show 1 environment in the list however. I see the same thing when I click on the existing deployment and chose “promote” ie the Deploy To dropdown only shoes the “Dev” environment. The other 3 environments are not in the list.

I can’t figure out why the other environments are in the list.

Hi Gavin,

On the Projects tab, can you edit the project group that your project
belongs to? It has a setting there to limit the environments that the
project can be deployed to.


Paul Stovell
Octopus Deploy
W: | T: @octopusdeploy

Yes, that did it, thanks!