Online Package drop

We have a microservice deployment style where we basically need to create a package deployment (using the new zip package format support) do some of the usual transforms, rename the package zip and push the resulting zip to an Azure Blob Storage Container.

I have looked at creating the entire step from scratch, but documentation on doing that is not to be found (at least by me).

Offline Deployment Drop looks almost ideal, but it uses the local file system (or unc paths to be specific) only.

What can I do to accomplish this?

Hi Chad,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m not sure I’m following you when you say that “it uses the local file system only” as a dealbreaker. Exactly how is that preventing you to use Offline Deployment drops?

The first idea that came to my mind was to use Offline Deployment drop, and tell Octopus to drop the package to a UNC path on the Octopus server itself (meaning the package never leaves the place where it was generated). Then zip that package using some cmd line tool, and push the zip to azure using Powershell.

Does that approach make sense for your scenario?

Best regards,