One Solution, Multiple OctoPack's, Not all Working

Hi there. I am completely stumped here and I am not sure how to go about moving forward with my problem. I have a solution that has a LOT of projects in it and 3 of those projects have OctoPack installed. After a build takes place in TeamCity only 1 artifact is created and pushed to Octopus Deploy. There are no errors. The build log says that it created a single artifact and pushed it to Octopus Deploy (which I can verify) but the other 2 are simply not packaged up…

Now… I have another solution that has multiple projects where 2 of those projects have OctoPack installed and it is working perfectly. 2 artifacts are being created without incident.

Any ideas why something like this would be happening?
Attached I have:

  1. A screenshot of part of my TeamCity config showing that octopack is turned on.
  2. A screenshot showing that I have OctoPack installed on 3 projects
  3. A screenshot showing the artifact output after the build is completed.
  4. Build log summary (just high level)

Let me know if you need anything else from me to help with my issue.
Thanks in advance