On Premise Octopus deploy UI calling wrong api url

We have an on-premise Octopus installation. We have it setup using the url https://[servername]/Octopus

I’ve noticed in the devtools it is throwing 404 errors, it’s trying to access this url


this returns a 404, the correct url should be


I’ve been trying to setup Jira integration and notice the “Test” button is failing for the same reason.

calling /api/jiraintegration/connectivitycheck/jira not /octopus/api/jiraintegration/connectivitycheck/jira

We are running

2020.5.239 in our production install
2021.1 (7316) in a test install

both have the same issue

I have also checked the web bindings in the Server configuration app and it definitely has /octopus configured.

Most api calls work fine with /octopus/api in them, there are just a couple that don’t

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for reporting this. It seems like a similar issue was raised a little while ago for the https://[servername]/api/users/me call however not the Jira call. This should mean that the next public release should rectify the 404 errors on devtools, however likely not the Jira issue.

I will replicate this in a fresh environment and send it off to the engineers to fix.

Just to confirm, you aren’t being blocked in any way from this issue?



Hi Dane,

Thanks for the response. I think I’m ok, I replayed the post with the correct url in devtools and it returns a 200 OK response, so I assume that means my jira connection is working.

Good to hear Andrew.

We’ll close this off, but it will be something that I’ll follow up for a fix in a future version.