Offline drop install, where to find log of install

Hi !

This is first time that I try offline drop (but I have a few years experience with Octopus), I use folder drop.
Moved drop folder to another machine and executed it, cmd windows shows progress and then closes.
Where can I find execution log to see was there any errors ?
If there is log can it be uploded to Octopus server and be seen in that task which producds offline drop ?

I found only “DeploymentJournal.xml” in workingDir, but inside is only a list of deployed packages.

Thx, Domagoj

Hi Domagoj,

This as something that I was unaware of also. I have spent a bit of time playing with Offline package Drop deployments now and from what I have gathered, there is no output logs. I have checked with some of the other people on the support team who’s recollection regarding OPD is similar.

I will preface this next bit by saying that the following workaround has not been tested more than a handful of times, so please test the workaround on your non-production environment before committing to anything.

What I tried, which seemed to work well on my small example, is adding a redirect for the output to the end of the argument inside of the CMD file that calls the powershell script.

*> logfile.txt

For example…

This will redirect all output to the specified logfile which should provide some clarity on the deployment process. I used a broken powershell command in one of my scripts, and thanks to the workaround I just mentioned, I had these lines in my logfile:

Invoking target script C:\Applications\OPDTEST\Development\OctopusTools\9.0.0_3\Octopus.Action.CustomScripts.Deploy.ps1 with  parameters.
Calamari.Common.Commands.CommandException: Deploy script returned non-zero exit code: 1

With this, you can get closer to where the error stemmed from, however you may have to do some more testing, to identify exactly the line that is causing the error.

If you are looking for just a one liner that will let you know if the deployment succeeded or not, you will find that entry in the deployment Journal.

[<Deployment WasSuccessful=“False”]

I have some enhancements that I have raised with the developers around Offline Package Drops. I’m going to see if they can add something more user-friendly to the OPD that will output logs properly.


Hi Again,

As for your second question:

If there is log can it be uploded to Octopus server and be seen in that task which producds offline drop ?

We have an example script over here that should be exactly what you are after.

Happy Deployments!

Ok, I also had an idea with redirect of output, but didnt know for sure is there some better way.

So I will test this all, and definetly must write some Powershell to check deployment because these offline deployments will be done by nontehnical person, and at the end there must be Success or Error like a single truth.

So for Octopus I wish that there is offical log that then can be uploaded back to Octopus and shown like a normal log of task/tentacle work in pretty GUI in the same task that did offline drop, or maybe as a separate task, but it must be visible in task history like any other task run on any tentacle.

In 99% cases I have an pooling tentacle, but this user has strict security policy with no Internet access from servers, or whole part of network.

Thx for a quick response !


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