Offline Drop and Proxy

So I have been using Offline Drop for several months now with no issue.

But today, when i was attempting to release to my prod environment using the ps1 script provided in the package, I was getting a Proxy Initialization exception.

What I noticed when this happened, target environment showed me that it was without internet connectivity indicated by the network icon in windows. I grabbed the package on my workstation and tried to do the same thing on a test environment, but I did not get the same result.

My question is why is internet connectivity necessary for the offline drop to work? I thought the point of offline drop was to simply drop it on the environment regardless of internet connectivity.
v 3.8.4

Hi Ewin,

Thanks for getting in touch! We are a little confused about your problem. Generally no, offline drops being executed do not need internet access. But we cannot speak for any scripts or processes you have added to your project.
Are you able to provide your package or maybe show the project process to us? Do you know if extra steps were added to the project recently that may have scripts that attempt to contact external sources?

Let me know what you find.