Offline deployments of Certificates

Just upgraded to Octopus 3.0 and using the new certificates feature.
So have created a project to import certificates and deploy them to servers. All working fine with online tentacles.

However have a couple of offline deployments targets when I deploy the target the Activity fails with error ‘The method or operation is not implemented.’

Is there any workaround for offline drops?


Hi Steve,

I do apologize for that.

I have created an issue. A resolution should ship today or tomorrow. You can follow the issue, or I will update this thread.

Apologies again for any incovenience.



Octopus 3.11.18 is now available for download, with the Import Certificate step implemented for Offline Drop targets.

Many thanks

I will test it once we upgrade our octopus box


It worked once we upgraded


I’m glad to hear that Steve.
Thanks for the update.

Happy Deployments!