Odd permissions issue

Hi folks, I have a team and role set up within OD that has custom permissions (basically Contributor plus a few extras, but definitely including ProcessView).

I have assigned that team to have permissions on a Project Group (but not explicitly with the projects within that project group).

When they create a new project within the project group, they get an error about missing ProcessView permissions (screenshot attached)- although this seems to resolve itself when they browse to a different project and then back to the new one.

Note that the teams listed in the yellow error message as having sufficient permissions does NOT include the team in question, although of course they do actually have the ProcessView permission.

Any ideas?

My first question upon reading this is did the users refresh their browser after the permission changes were made? Although the permission changes should take effect instantly on the server, the users UI (assuming that they are using the site at the time) wont automatically update its permission set. The user permissions unfortunately wont automatically refresh when they are changed so although the server should stop them from doing or accessing anything that they shouldn’t, the messages in their UI might not be instantly updated.

If this is not the case, could you explain a step-by-step guide of how to reproduce this issue so that we can cause it to happen on our side and fix any relevant issues.
Thanks in advance

Hi Rob,

No - my team changed the permissions a couple of weeks ago, and the user will definitely have refreshed their browser in that time. :slight_smile:

I’ve asked him to post the step-by-step guide here himself rather than me giving you the info second hand. Thanks!