Octoupus some targets not getting trough health check


Some of our target machines suddenly stopped getting trough the health check.
I removed one of the unhealty target machines and reinstalled client software and added it back but still same error.
When I disable health check and only check on connectivity connectivity their are no problems.

Hope someone can help me out.

Task ID: ServerTasks-92745
Related IDs: Machines-147, Spaces-1
Task status: Failed
Task queued: donderdag, 26 augustus 2021 10:28:26 +02:00
Task started: donderdag, 26 augustus 2021 10:28:26 +02:00
Task completed: donderdag, 26 augustus 2021 10:28:45 +02:00
Task duration: 18 seconds
Server version: 2020.4.6+Branch.tags-2020.4.6.Sha.7b0352fbe58ab9b11d4984da7ce1b35f73d32a39
Server node: XXXXX

                | == Failed: Check ZZZZZ health ==

10:28:26 Info | Starting health check for a limited set of machines.
10:28:26 Verbose | Health check was requested for 1 machine
10:28:26 Verbose | Found 1 matching machine
10:28:26 Info | Performing health check on 1 machine.
10:28:44 Verbose | Checking for Tentacles to update
10:28:45 Fatal | The health check failed. One or more machines were not available.
| == Failed: Check deployment target: ZZZZZ ==
10:28:26 Verbose | Performing health check on machine
10:28:42 Verbose | Executable directory is C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowershell\v1.0
10:28:42 Verbose | Executable name or full path: C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowershell\v1.0\PowerShell.exe
10:28:42 Verbose | No user context provided. Running as current user.
10:28:42 Verbose | Starting C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowershell\v1.0\PowerShell.exe in working directory ‘F:\Octopus\Work\20210826082842-92745-27’ using ‘Western European (DOS)’ encoding running as ‘NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM’ with the same environment variables as the launching process
10:28:44 Info | Host Name: ZZZZZ
10:28:44 Info | Running As: OTA\SYSTEM (Local Administrator: True)
10:28:44 Info | Running Tentacle version 6.0.135
10:28:44 Info | Tentacle communication uses a ‘sha1RSA’ certificate
10:28:44 Info | Running latest version of Calamari: 14.11.4
10:28:44 Info | Drive C: has 21 GB available
10:28:44 Info | Drive D: has 5 GB available
10:28:44 Info | Drive E: has 11 GB available
10:28:44 Info | Drive F: has 9 GB available
10:28:44 Verbose | Process C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowershell\v1.0\PowerShell.exe in F:\Octopus\Work\20210826082842-92745-27 exited with code 1
10:28:44 Verbose | Exit code: 1
10:28:44 Fatal | The remote script failed with exit code 1
10:28:44 Verbose | The remote script failed with exit code 1
| Octopus.Server.Orchestration.Targets.Tasks.ActionHandlerFailedException: The remote script failed with exit code 1
| at Octopus.Server.Orchestration.ServerTasks.Deploy.ActionDispatch.SuccessArbitrator.ThrowIfNotSuccessfull(IActionHandlerResult result) in C:\buildAgent\work\77a480eb4131d316\source\Octopus.Server\Orchestration\ServerTasks\Deploy\ActionDispatch\SuccessArbitrator.cs:line 22
| at Octopus.Server.Orchestration.ServerTasks.Deploy.ActionDispatch.AdHocActionDispatcher.Dispatch(Machine machine, ActionHandlerInvocation actionHandler, VariableCollection variables) in C:\buildAgent\work\77a480eb4131d316\source\Octopus.Server\Orchestration\ServerTasks\Deploy\ActionDispatch\AdHocActionDispatcher.cs:line 62
| at Octopus.Server.Orchestration.ServerTasks.HealthCheck.Controllers.MachineHealthController.CheckHealth(Machine machine) in C:\buildAgent\work\77a480eb4131d316\source\Octopus.Server\Orchestration\ServerTasks\HealthCheck\Controllers\MachineHealthController.cs:line 48
| at Octopus.Server.Orchestration.ServerTasks.HealthCheck.HealthCheckService.PerformHealthCheck(Machine machine, ExceptionHandling exceptionHandling, Action`2 customAction) in C:\buildAgent\work\77a480eb4131d316\source\Octopus.Server\Orchestration\ServerTasks\HealthCheck\HealthCheckService.cs:line 92
| Octopus.Server version 2020.4.6 (2020.4.6+Branch.tags-2020.4.6.Sha.7b0352fbe58ab9b11d4984da7ce1b35f73d32a39)
10:28:44 Verbose | Recording health check results
| == Failed: Summary ==
10:28:44 Info | Unhealthy:
10:28:44 Info | - ZZZZZ at https://ZZZZZ.ota.dom:10933/, error: The remote script failed with exit code 1
10:28:44 Fatal | One or more machines were not available. Please see the output Log for details.

Hi levent.ozalp,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your query.

This sort of error is usually caused by anti-virus or other security software preventing the health check from completing correctly. Could you please check if any anti-virus or other security software is installed and, if it is, try whitelisting the folders used by Tentacle?

You can find an example of how to do this for Windows Defender in our documentation. You might also want to work through our Tentacle Troubleshooting Guide as it can help to eliminate a wide range of issues.

I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best Regards,


Hi Charles,

That was indeed the problem, thanks for your quick reply.

Kind Regards,


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