Octostache corrupting text files during variable substitution

Using the “Variables - Substitute in Files” deploy step to replace some text in various config files (INI format), I noticed that octostache is prepending three binary bytes to the beginning of each file when match/replacement is made. The bytes are EF, BB, BF. I can offer a screen shot of this in a binary editor as proof. This obviously corrupts the file contents and causes havoc for the config file reader.
Calimari version: 3.7.81
Octostache.dll product version: 2.1.5

Hi @fordentia,

Thanks for getting in touch! That’s certainly unexpected behavior, though I can’t say I’ve seen this reported before. Thanks for providing the Calamari version, though your reported version of 3.7.81 looks to be very old (one of my recent deployments locally has v19.4.8). Given the big gap there, I would make a confident guess that this bug would have been fixed in between these two versions.

Could you also let me know which version of Octopus you’re running, and lastly a sample INI format config content and file name which you can reproduce with that I can also attempt to try to repro with?

I look forward to hearing back!

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