OctopusDeploy Plugin for Jenkins Setup

I am using OctopusDeploy Plugin on jenkins for setting up release from Octopus Release section, as post build step, i need to setup latest package on Default Package Version, because on jenkins project we are creating build and publish code as new package version for example 1.23.1, and as this is we are using for CD-CI process, second time jenkins project creating a build package version will be 1.23.2, so every time we need latest package for creating release. currently Default Version on this plugin does not support environment variables. let me you if any one have solution for that.

Hi Sagar,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately, the Jenkins plugin is not authored by Octopus and cannot provide any support for the plugin itself.

For Jenkins integration to Octopus, we recommend using the Octo.exe command line tool. The Jenkins integration page provides instructions on how to get started with using Octo.exe in Jenkins.
We also have documentation on using the Octo.exe tool.

The code for the Jenkins plugin is available on GitHub too.

I hope this helps you solve your issue.


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