How can I get #{Octopus.Web.DeploymentLink} but for runbooks (e.g. Octopus.Web.RunbooksLink)?
I want get link to runs or task summary without using some additional steps (e.g. scripts).


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The equivalent links for runbooks are as follows:

Octopus.Web.RunbookSnapshotLink - A path relative to the Octopus Server URL at which the runbook snapshot can be viewed. E.g. /app/snapshots/runbookSnapshots-123
Octopus.Web.RunbookRunLink - A path relative to the Octopus Server URL at which the runbook run can be viewed. E.g. /app/runs/runbookRuns-123

This was missing in our system variables documentation, but we’ve updated that now for future reference (search for “runbook” on this page and you’ll see the new entries).

You can see these in your task log if you switch to “Verbose” logs. E.g.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks, it works!
But how can we use these variables to follow in the runbook runs of specific project? (https://octopus.com:443/app#/Spaces-1/projects/test-project/operations/runbooks/Runbooks-123/snapshots/RunbookSnapshots-123/runs/RunbookRuns-123?activeTab=taskLog
I can’t combine provided variables to create such url(


Those variable URLs provide redirection automatically in the Octopus UI. So if you were to go to: https://YOUR_OCTOPUS/app/Spaces-1/runbookRuns/RunbookRuns-105, that will redirect to the full URL, automatically figuring out the project/snapshot etc. It follows the same pattern as the deployment URLs. There are no variables available that provide the full URL.

If you didn’t want to rely on the redirection, you’d have to calculate all the details of the URL yourself using OctopusClients as part of your scripts.

But the automatic redirection in the UI takes care of that for you, so hopefully you shouldn’t need it.

Hope that helps

Hi again,

We just re-tested this and realised the variable links we provide for Runbooks are actually incorrect, so this won’t work for you as we previously explained.

We have created an issue here that you can track to be notified when a fix is available (and the possible workaround you could try for the time-being). We’ll be working on this today, so it will likely go out with the next release ( 2019.13.1).

Sorry for the inconvenience.