Octopus web interface - automatic log off when accessing build details


We have upgraded to latest Octopus Deploy - version 3.2.1 and we are experiencing a regression.
When a given deployment is waiting for failure guidance a call to /api/users/{UserId} by a non-administrator fails with 401 Unauthorized and the user is automatically logged off.

In the response body this is the error:
“ErrorMessage”: “You are not authorized to access this resource.”,
“Errors”: [
“Only Octopus Administrators can request user information about another user.”

Even if we assign “UserView” permission we experience the same failure.
This works if the user is Administrator, but having everybody administrator is unacceptable.
Can you please have a look?

Hi Dan,
Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. I have logged GH Issue#2148 to track the fix.
I will keep you updated when this ticket is picked up and completed.
Thanks again.