Octopus.Web.BaseUrl parameter is incorrect

After upgrade to version 2020.*, the Octopus.Web.BaseUrl parameter that we use in PowerShell scripts ($OctopusParameters["Octopus.Web.BaseUrl"]) started to return things like http://octopus-i009806-68b7d4bbf9-h455f:8080/ instead of the correct URL of our instance.

HI @jakub.januszkiewicz

Sadly, this has changed as part of our migration to the new cloud platform, which changed the way the servers are configured. You will want to use Octopus.Web.ServerUri variable in its place now, which gives the configured url (https://samples.octopus.app)

I hope this helps!

Hi @Justin_Walsh,

Thanks for the tip, I’ll use the other variable. Can you update the documentation though, as it’s misleading? https://octopus.com/docs/projects/variables/system-variables