Octopus Version Comparer Seems to be Broken

I had a notification in my server that there was a new release and I clicked on the what’s new link.


When I click the link: https://octopus.com/downloads/compare?from=2021.1.7738&to=2021.2.7428

It erroneously warns about the new release being unsupported as the version I’m currently on is newer.

It looks like the tool only looks at the patch number rather than the major and minor versions as well. I’m not sure why your patch number would regress in a future build but the tool looks like it cannot handle this situation.

Hey David,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and sorry to see you’ve hit that issue.

I’m raising this internally to get fixed, and I’ll keep you updated on what I hear.


All good. This should be an easy one. :wink:

I was about to report the same error. This message stopped me from attempting an upgrade. Is the upgrade from 2021.1 to 2021.2 supported?

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the confusion, I’ll try to clarify the logic of what’s happened here and what the recommended upgrade path is!

Our ‘Compare Releases’ tool is ‘smart’ in that it compares tags in Github to determine which fixes are included in a build and can be considered the source of truth for upgrading. Unfortunately the ‘New Version Available’ isn’t as clever and doesn’t check if the upgrade path is viable, just if there is a newer version available - we are looking into improving this!

Because 2021.1.x has been around for a while, it’s releases are on shorter internal ‘bake’ times and so are rolled out fairly quickly, whereas 2021.2.x is newer and on longer ‘bake’ times so that we can ensure a higher quality release. What’s happened here is that a fix was back ported to 2021.1.x and rolled out quickly because of these bake times, whereas that same fix is yet to appear in a build for 2021.2.x as it’s on a slower release schedule.

In essence, if you are currently running 2021.1.7738 please wait a few days and a release will be available for 2021.2.x which will be a valid upgrade. Use our ‘Compare Releases’ to confirm if the upgrade path from your specific version is valid.

Apologies again for the confusion, I will post here again once I’m aware of a release of 2021.2.x that is a valid upgrade path for 2021.1.7738.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

Best Regards,

Got it. Thanks for the insight.

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