Octopus variable not available when using API


I am using PowerShell script to set the value of a variable after the a steps is completed. I get the value from a ARM template output. The process works fine for the Test and Stage Octopus environment but for our Production environment the variable is not found so the value is not set. The problem is the same if I create another Octopus environment and set the scope of the variable.
I use the Octopus API to find the variable that should be set and as I said it works fine for test and stage environments.
I have used Postman to test the result from the API and I can confirm that the variable is not found
I am using the API below (https://demo.octopus.com/swaggerui/index.html) where I use the variable set Id.

I am thinking that it might exist a configuration in Octopus where I can define access to varoables per environment. Like view, read and write privileges.

I hope you can help me to figure out the problem

I have create a new API key and I can access to the variable using the Octopus API. It seems that my previous API Key doesn’t has restricted access to Production environment and also to new environments. How can I update my API Key access without creating a new Key?

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