Octopus upgrade history

Hi Support,

I have an unusual request from our auditors…

They want details of who, when, what version we have upgraded Octopus on our production server. Is there any way to get that history out of Octopus itself?

I haven’t clarified with them if they also mean the tentacles on servers. Is that also available in the logs, when the tentacles are upgraded?



Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The easiest way to get the server upgrade information is to head to Configuration > Diagnostics and hit the Download System Diagnostics Report button. Within the zip file that generates there will be an installation-history.txt file that will list all the versions and dates.

As for the tentacles, I don’t believe that information would be easily located. It isn’t audited within Octopus itself, but it might be logged within windows event viewer as an application install.


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