Octopus Test External Feed not showing latest version from Artifactory

Hi, we have an external feed configured from Octopus(v2018.4.10) to Artifactory (v4.6). When I test the feed by searching for a package id, it doesnt return the latest version back. It returns a version 2 months old. Could you please advise why that’s the case? From what we can see, the version returned and the latest version are configured identically in Artifactory.

Hi Abhinav, thanks for reaching out.

Can I confirm that you are configuring a Nuget external feed?

If so, can you test the versions of the package that are returned by the nuget command line tool. You can achieve this with the command nuget list PackageName -AllVersions. You can find more information on the list command at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/nuget/tools/cli-ref-list.

If the latest version is not returned by the nuget command line tool, then the issue will most likely be in the configuration of Artifactory.

Channel rules may also affect the list of versions being returned. Does the project you are linking to Artifactory use channel rules? You can find more information on channel rules at https://octopus.com/docs/deployment-process/channels. You can bypass any channel rules using the TEST button in the external feed. The search results when testing a feed will return the latest version excluding any channel rules.

This screenshot shows where the TEST button is for a Nuget feed.

If none of those tests identifies the issue we’ll need to get some additional information to help identify the root cause:

  • What are the package versions (i.e. what is the version of the package that is being returned, and what is the version of the latest package)?
  • Is the Artifactory repo public? If so can you share the URL and we can test it locally.
  • Are the projects using the feed also using channel rules?

Matt C

Hi Matt,

It’s the Nuget external feed. I only see the Default channel configured for it with no version rules. We see the older version while using the “test” function in External Feeds tab, where we don’t get back the latest version.

Artifactory link is internal to MLP so it’s not public. I’m trying to setup the nuget tool that you mentioned. If the tool returns the full list, what would be the next steps?

Does the test function under External Feeds tab look for the latest version of the package id or just pick up a random one?


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Hi Abhinav,

The feed test will return the latest version.

We generally treat the behavior of nuget command line tool as the correct behavior, so the next step would be to take the search results returned by nuget (assuming the nuget tool returns versions that differ from what Octopus returns) and use that information to try and replicate the error locally.


Matt C

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