Octopus Tentacle Upgrade locks the Server 3.13.2 from doing other tasks

We recently upgraded to Octopus Deploy 3.13.2 and we are noticing a really bad issue with the Tentacle Upgrade when the Tentacle has errors performing the upgrade. If the tentacle is taking too long or had an issue of any sorts, the Octopus Deploy servers stops processing tasks and queue starts to pile up.


Thanks for getting in touch.

We starting preventing deployments from running while Tentacle upgrades are in progress because the Tentacle upgrade takes the Tentacle offline. Deploying to offline machines is no fun.

We are working on splitting the Tentacle so you do not have to upgrade Tentacle as frequently which should help this problem. Tentacle is almost always backwards compatible, when it is not we will let you know via a call out on the downloads page. So you can delay the Tentacle upgrade until a time that you don’t expect many deployments to happen to prevent the queue from piling up.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any concerns.