Octopus Tentacle hostname


I’m a rookie in Octopus deploy and as far as I understand the server and the tentacle communicate with each other via http and their trust relationship by thumbprints. In order to set up an easy test environment I’ve installed both Octopus server and tentacle on the same machine. In server administration page I have created an environment with the right thumbprint but when it comes to Tentacle URL i don’t know what to choose. I know the address is kind of a listener for the tentacle and I’ve tried with just a random host name but during the health check I get:

Octopus.Shared.Activities.ActivityFailedException: One or more Tentacles were not online …

Furthermore I can not browse to the tentacle host name. Can you please help since i’m stuck on this problem?



You can just use localhost or the current machine’s hostname for the tentacle URL.

Hope that helps,


Thank’s Paul. Now it works better :slight_smile: