Octopus task progress freezing and general UI performance issues (

Hi there

Just wanted to note that we are having some general performance issues with 2.0 version of Octopus. I’m assuming it’s mostly around angular JS and UI performance particularly around loading all elements for the Task Progress page.

This is more the case for larger projects with 15 steps or more (about 20 - 30 seconds wait). For steps that have around 4 steps, it’s reasonable around 10 seconds.

Attached is a screenshot of where we see a lot of waiting time.


Thanks for letting us know. The log files produced from large deployments can get quite big, we may need to adjust our approach here so that the summary information is prepared server-side. I’ll raise an issue for us to follow up with.

If you’re using Google Chrome, opening the Dev Tools and observing the request details in the Network tab would be helpful for us - timings, response size etc.

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This has becoming a bit of a pressing issue. Most guys here are very frustrated because chrome is becoming almost unusable when we open up the task log.

I have attached the screenshot of the network pane in chrome and the only thing standed out for me is the 2.2 MB data coming back twice from the api and I assume it’s causing the javascript to do too much work…

Let me know if I can help further.


Thanks - sounds like the problem may be slow binding performance. I’ll have a shot at improving this.

If in the meantime you have a chance to capture a Chrome CPU Profile (Profile tab of Dev Tools) during the freeze that would be handy.

No worries. You can find the profile attached.

Thanks in advance

CPU-20140110T125951.cpuprofile (692 KB)

Thanks - looks manageable, we’ll try to get this into the next drop.


This is out now - http://octopusdeploy.com/downloads

CPU usage on my machine has dropped dramatically, was 10% for a couple of seconds refreshing our own test/deploy log, now down to < 5% for less than a second.

Would love to hear how this goes for you.


Hey Nick

Thank you so much for this, the task log tab seems to be very responsive now chrome doesn’t show any lag.

The one caveat is that the Task Summary page takes a long time to load instead but it’s definitely more practical now.


Excellent, really glad to hear it.