Octopus Service Stopped on click of Release button


I installed Octopus Manager and Octopus Tentacle Manager on same machine i.e Win 10.The Octopus Window service is getting stopped when I am trying to click on ‘Create Release’ button.I tried multiple times and also restarted my machine but not working :frowning:

I attached the log file but it doesn’t contain any information related to this.

Can you help me in this as I am not able to resolve this issue since yesterday.

Thanks in advance!

OctopusServer.txt (36 KB)

Hi Atul,

Thanks for getting in touch! While Octopus should work on Windows 10, its not one of our officially supported platforms. We target Windows Server 2008-2016 for the Server.

That said, I would expect this to work. There should be some information logged to the Application eventlog. Can you see if there is anything logged there?