Octopus service does not start automatically when restarting Windows


We have an Octopus server on Windows 2016. Everything works fine, but the service does not start automatically when the Windows is restarted. We have tried the both “Automatic” and “Delayed automatic” settings in the Windows services, but unfortunately the both fail with the same result.

Once we start the service manually, it works fine.

The server version is 2019.9.10

We could not see any message in the logs.

Did you face similar problem?
Thank you for your support.

Win server 2012 R2
Octopus 2019.12.1
Our server is auto rebooted at weekend. On Monday I need to start Octopus server service manually. Cant find any clue at Event log, octopus logs

We use the built in Watchdog service and it appears to work well:

Hi @xavi.vallespi and @anton2020

As @DKing correctly suggested, using the Service Watchdog will help here in situations where the service may not come up due to other services and dependencies not being ready.

Please let us know if you have any further questions!

It seems to work correctly. Thank you for your help!

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Installed watchdog scheduler. Will check next Monday. Thanks

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It works!

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