Octopus server service failed to start after reboot


We are frequently having issue with octopus server service. Sometime after auto reboot service doesn’t start. We do have setup on service to attempt 2 more time on failure to start. Still it is not working. Could you please suggest.


Hi Akanksha,

Thanks for getting in touch!

While we haven’t been able to track down the source of these restart problems (we think it’s down to slow .NET CLR start times) we do have a workaround for you. If you enable our watchdog service it will monitor your Octopus Server service and ensure that it is started (or restarted) as required.

Any further questions please let me know,


Thanks Alex.

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Hi Alex, one question on watchdog. Does it always restart service or only if it is not running?

Hi @akankshaC

It will only restart the service if it is not running.


Thank you.