Octopus Server Linux container

In what format does the Octopus Server linux containers accept for our ca certificates? Is it enough to stick a bundled .pem file in /etc/ssl/certs or do we really need to convert the cert to a PFX format?

Hi @swalsh1
Thanks for reaching out with your Docker query.

Looking at our docs we don’t appear to support direct installation of an SSL cert on the docker container. Our preferred approach for docker containers is to offload the SSL to a Load Balancer or reverse proxy such as nginx.
Exposing the docker container directly on port 80 or 443 was not our best practice design for a container so we recommend slotting it behind your preferred offload device.

Our default docker image has the Octopus server mapped to port 8080 on the host to facilitate this.

Let me know if you need any more info on this.

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