Octopus server License

(Software Subscription) #1

We are currently on v2019.3.3LTS octopus server version and our license expires on 10 April 2020.

  • Are we able to use our Octopus server after the expiry of our license? Will it remain fully functional forever?
  • What are the restrictions/limitations after the license expiry?
  • Can we upgrade to the latest 2019.13.7 Or V2020.1 now (before 10 April) and continue to use without any impact?
  • Dose our license allow more than 1 Server instance (3 based on old blogs)
    current license type
    Version-2.0-- License Schema Version
    Many Thanks

Hi @software.subscription

Thanks for getting in touch!

After your license expires you will no longer be able to deploy from Octopus, otherwise your instance will remain unaffected. As for your other questions, you can upgrade at any time and have as many instances as you need as we have removed the limit restriction.

Happy to answer any further questions that you may have!