Octopus server and tentacles in different domains

I have used Octopus deploy extensively in the past without any issues but we have installed both the Octopus server and tentacles(DEV,STAGING,PROD etc…) are in the same AD domain.
Now we have two AD domains and
Is it possible to install Octopus server in Domain A and all the tentacles in different domain B? I guess the octopus server has to push the package to tentacle machine and run remote power shell…
Is it possible to achieve this set-up?


Hi Janardhan,

Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, this should work without any issues assuming the Octopus server can communicate with the deployment target servers. Octopus handles all the complexity of getting packages transferred so this should just work.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:



Thanks Rob for the quick reply…I will give it a try and be in touch if i
see any issues.