Octopus Server and client on same Server

Hi ,we are planning to implement Octopus deploy in our team and do not have a dedicated build server, right now Build and Cruise Control runs on the same server as the Core test environment.i’m wondering if we could have Octopus Server and client running on the same server (at-least for one environment) i would appreciate if someone can throw some light on this.

Thank you

Hi Srinivasa,

Thanks for getting in touch! You absolutely can! There should be no issues at all doing this.
Many of our customers use the same server for build and Octopus. The only gotcha to be aware of is sharing the 80 port will not work, as octopus will need its own port.

Hope that helps!


Thank you Daniel .

In my Case Build , Octopus Server and Test Environment(staging Env) are all
on the same Server.is that still feasible or is it required to separate
Octopus Server from Test Env (where code is supposed to be deployed)?

Hi Srinivasa,

Yes you can have Tentacle and Octopus on the same server, so you can run your deployments for that environment from the same machine.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you daniel, that helps.