Octopus.Project.Name implemented but not Octopus.Project.Description

We want to use the

Project settings -> Description

in order to maintain some usefull informations to our developerts.

Sadly, we are not able to access this system.variable

Are you arware of this limitation?

Hi Pascal,

Thanks for reaching out.

We are not exposing the Project description as a variable during the deployment. To be honest this is the first time someone asks about this :). I’m wondering what is the purpose behind needing that info during the deployment? It should only be a field that provides a brief description about the project, and not somewhere where you want to hold information relevant for the deployment.

If you can explain us why do you need this variable and how would you use it, perhaps we could help you find a proper workaround.


Thanks for the reply.

We need this for a configuration parameter in the app.config

We want to maintain a description of all the micro services in octo. As soon as we deploy the application, we need the description parameter as a configuration parameter for the application to identify himself.

We have a healt check service for each micro service that send some descriptions about himself, and it would be great if we could maintain this description in octo, as we do for all the other app.config parameters

May I ask why aren’t you using a regular variable/library variable for this? It seems like all you need is a place to store info and then use it during the deployment, which is what variables are for.