Octopus Pragmatic SemVer not working

Octopus Server version: 2019.8.4

I’m publishing a package to my Octopus server and it gets the following warning:

“Could not determine the package ID and/or version based on the supplied filename”

The filename I’m pushing is “myfile.2019.11.5.1.tar.gz”. According to Octopus documentation on SemVer: “Octopus supports a pragmatic implementation of SemVer, including support for 4-digit versions:”

So why doesn’t it like my filename? When I open up Octopus and go to the LIbrary, I do see my package in there with the correct ID and version broken apart, but when I try to do channel package version filtering, just with ^$ to start, it says it couldn’t locate any packages of the id. But it finds it just fine without the filter.

Why doesn’t it recognize the filename I give it at push time, but sort it correctly in the library, but then again fail to find it if I try to use channel version filtering?

Switching to .tgz from .tar.gz seemed to fix my problem.

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Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you were able to resolve this.
As you discovered we don’t currently support tar/gzip files.

Don’t hesitate to reach out again with any further questions.

Kind Regards,