Octopus plugin for Bamboo broken after upgrade

(David Gard) #1


I have recently upgraded the Octopus Deploy Bamboo add-on to version 2.2.0, but it appears to not work and has broken every single Bamboo deployment that relies on the add-on. We were previously running 2.0.0 without issues.

The upgrade was carried out via the Bamboo ‘Manage Apps’ page, and completed without issue. We are running Bamboo version 6.9.1.

The issue seems to be with the Octopus Deploy: Create Release task, and I see the following error when it’s run -

Error occurred while running Task 'Create Octopus release(13)' of type com.octopus.bamboo:task.createrelease.
        at com.octopus.bamboo.plugins.task.createrelease.CreateReleaseTask.execute(CreateReleaseTask.java:142)
        at com.atlassian.bamboo.task.TaskExecutorImpl.lambda$executeTasks$3(TaskExecutorImpl.java:319)
        at com.atlassian.bamboo.task.TaskExecutorImpl.executeTaskWithPrePostActions(TaskExecutorImpl.java:252)
        at com.atlassian.bamboo.task.TaskExecutorImpl.executeTasks(TaskExecutorImpl.java:319)
        at com.atlassian.bamboo.task.TaskExecutorImpl.execute(TaskExecutorImpl.java:112)
        at com.atlassian.bamboo.build.pipeline.tasks.ExecuteBuildTask.call(ExecuteBuildTask.java:73)
        at com.atlassian.bamboo.v2.build.agent.DefaultBuildAgent.executeBuildPhase(DefaultBuildAgent.java:204)
        at com.atlassian.bamboo.v2.build.agent.DefaultBuildAgent.build(DefaultBuildAgent.java:176)
        at com.atlassian.bamboo.v2.build.agent.BuildAgentControllerImpl.lambda$waitAndPerformBuild$0(BuildAgentControllerImpl.java:131)
        at com.atlassian.bamboo.variable.CustomVariableContextImpl.withVariableSubstitutor(CustomVariableContextImpl.java:185)
        at com.atlassian.bamboo.v2.build.agent.BuildAgentControllerImpl.waitAndPerformBuild(BuildAgentControllerImpl.java:125)
        at com.atlassian.bamboo.v2.build.agent.DefaultBuildAgent$1.run(DefaultBuildAgent.java:127)
        at com.atlassian.bamboo.utils.BambooRunnables$1.run(BambooRunnables.java:48)
        at com.atlassian.bamboo.security.ImpersonationHelper.runWith(ImpersonationHelper.java:26)
        at com.atlassian.bamboo.security.ImpersonationHelper.runWithSystemAuthority(ImpersonationHelper.java:17)
        at com.atlassian.bamboo.security.ImpersonationHelper$1.run(ImpersonationHelper.java:41)
        at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)

What could be the issue here?


(David Gard) #2

The issue here was the Octopus CLI. After installing the latest version (6.13.1) and running the task using that, it now works.

It would be great if the documentation could be upgraded to show the required version of the CLI for various versions of the plugin.

In fact, it would be good if the page could have a proper update, as many of the steps are missing descriptions of some available options, and the screenshots are out of date.


(Tina) #4

Hi David,
Glad to hear you were able to resolve the error.

You’re right. Our Bamboo documentation is entirely out of date. I’ll be walking through this process and updating the documentation shortly.

We appreciate your input here, and please don’t hesitate to let to reach out with further feedback or questions.

Thank you,