Octopus LTS API pagination, no environment

Hey - We have tooling in Octopus to pull data from the Octo API about our environments to use in subsequent deploy steps. These API calls utilise the Links attribute that is returned to handle pagination if the API response is quite large. Today we updated to the latest LTS branch of Octopus and noticed that the Page.All/Next/Current/Last is omitting the Environment-ID and thus returning a 404 (note the // in the screenshot) when our scripts attempt to fetch the next page of Data - Happy to raise a bug if this is not a known issue (couldn’t locate anything open on Github). We’ve repro’ed this on two separate Octo instances.

I’ve built a brand new trial server on the LTS branch the the issue appears to be there as well. If i try the latest version (non LTS) the bug does not seem to be present.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for raising this, and for doing the leg work on the testing/repro of it too :smiley:

You’ve probably seen the reply via Slack but just in case, this is something that our engineers caught and fixed internally for 2019.13.0 and will be added to the next release of the LTS branch.


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Nice one - thanks. We have a hack-fix to mutate the page links for now which we will revert when 2019.13.0 is dropped. Cheers

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