Octopus License

Trying to find some info on license and targets. I am getting the below error and unable to proceed or find a way to move forward.

Error: - You cannot create another target. This will exceed the limits of your current license. Please contact sales@octopus.com to upgrade your license.

I am adding some new targets and will be removing the old ones, how can I proceed without purchasing a new license?

I can probably disable the active old targets which I will remove but I need them on there until their replacement target is active for deployments. Any help is appreciated, Thanks.



Hi Imran,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The deployment target count will exclude any Disabled targets. So, the best option may be to temporarily disable the old target, add the new one and then disable the new target. This will allow you to re-enable the old target until you’re ready to switch them again.


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