Octopus excluding dlls in bin folder on octopack

Hi there,
We’ve recently run into an issue where when we build two separate versions of source from a build server octopack will miss different versions of dll’s contained in the bin folder. It’s been difficult to track down the exact problem, but we’re leaning towards that we need some kind of a delay between build and octopacking. These dll’s come from other projects in the solution that we’re not currently octopacking. Any ideas?

More Info:

I realized I could be more specific.
We need Octopack to run after other post build events that exist in sub projects in our solution. It seems to run now as a BuildOnCompleted action, either that or its queued up as the first postbuild event.

Hi Thomas,

In your VS solution configuration properties you should be able to specify ‘build dependencies’ so that your other projects are built before the project you are OctoPacking.


Hi Paul,

For this particular project in our solution we cannot achieve this effect that you have described due to a circular reference. What we would really like to be able to do is just delay octopack to be our very last event. Our solution to the problem right now is to run the build without the octopack, and afterwards run the build again with octopack. This is only adding around 20 seconds onto our deployment time since most of the build steps are skipped the second time around; however, this is not ideal. We’d like to be able to avoid anything that we may not remember down the road. I also remember reading how octopack doesn’t support dependencies, and I’m assuming this is precisely what you meant by that. For now our work-around is ok, but perhaps this would be a nice feature to include in future versions of octopack. Or maybe there is already a way to achieve the delayed execution as earlier mentioned?

Either way,


Hm, I’ve ran into the same problem but it’s not a dependency problem.

ProjLib => has post build that xcopies dlls to …\bin
ProjExec => References ProjLib as project (hence depends)

TeamCity will xcopy fine (published as artifacts OK)
Octopack will not include the xcopied DLLs.

Any ideas?

Hi Georgios,

Very sorry about the delay in getting back to you about this. It has become such a common question that I wanted to create a documentation page around an example of how to tackle this problem.

Please see the above example to add your ProjLib files to your Package.