Octopus does not show the Jira work item

(Aref) #1

We use Jira, GitHub, TeamCity and Octopus Deploy (cloud)

I have followed the instructions on this page to fetch the metadata information during build:

When I commit a change I put the Jira ticket number in both BE-402 and [BE-402] formats (which one is better?).

TeamCity’s Octopus Plugin shows that metadata has been fetched.

In Octopus Deploy instance Jira has been configured (via Configuration --> Settings menu) however the package version does not show the Jira work item.

I’ve tried several things but none worked. Can you please see what the issue is?

(Justin Walsh) #4

Hi @aref!

Either of those Jira issue formats should be picked up by our parser, so no worries there. If you would like to send through some information here, we can take a look and see where the error lies. If you would like to drop an email to support@octopus.com with the following information, we’ll dig in ASAP.

  • A screenshot of your Jira settings page in Octopus.
  • A screenshot of the Octopus package page of the build’s package.
  • A copy of your Team City build log from this build, so we can see the traversal of the data through your pipeline.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!