Octopus Deployment to Oracle

Can Octopus Deploy handle sending database packages to an Oracle database backend?


Thanks for getting in touch! There’s nothing out of the box to help with this in Octopus. However, if you can find a way to automate what you need to do from the command line, then it should be possible to automate it using PowerShell from Octopus.

Hope that helps!


We are currently in the process of evaluating Octopus Deploy to handle our .NET deployments within our infrastructure. OD seems to be handling the .NET code promotions with ease and we like to also include Oracle database deployments.
Can you tell me if there are products similar to “Ready Roll SQL”, “DB Up” for handling the Oracle database deployments?
Are there plains to include Oracle database promotions in the future within the product?


mturchi - You can look at Fluent Migrator (https://github.com/schambers/fluentmigrator) which has support for schema migratons for Oracle. I’ve recently gotten it to run via the command line migrator.exe tool with OD in our staging environment, and am planning a similar setup for our production environment once we are ready to move OD into production usage.

We also use Oracle and I was interested to see if anything was built in to Octopus Deploy. At the moment we have some in-house tools we’ve developed for Oracle deployment (we use the script method for deploying changes to environments). Some of our existing tools use Perl and PHP, which run from the command line, so I should be able to call them from PowerShell.

Hi Michael,

There is nothing built in for Oracle. As with anything Octopus if you can package it, and are releasing to one of our end points, then you can deploy. You will just have to write some PowerShell to take care of the details.