Octopus deployment targets daily health check

Hi Team,

I am Prabhjot Kour, working on Octopus Deploy. I believe there is a health check being done for Octopus daily. As I have seen that when new deployment target is configured and healthy and when the VM on which the tentacle is installed is stopped then Octopus also shows it as unhealthy. So means there is daily health check going on.

Can you please provide more details on this and how can I edit this health check like if I need it every one hour or more frequent?


Hi @prabhjotkour.91,

Are you referring to the a health check being performed on deployment targets, triggered by Octopus?

If that’s the case you can modify when and how often these health checks run by modifying your Machine Policies, which can be found in Infrastructure → Machine Policies.

There’s a few settings in there relating to health check interval, calamari/tentacle upgrade options, etc…
I hope this helps answer your question, please let me know if you run into any issues!

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