Octopus Deployment for WIndow Service, developed in WIX

HI Team,

My solution looks like :
• Main solution is 'WinService’ and Supporting Solution “WinServiceSetup” developed by Using WIX.
• Our manual deployment process follows,
o After code changes, we do manual Build for “WinService” solution and follows manual build for “WinServiceSetup” , once we complete build for “WinServiceSetup” it will create a new MSI file in bin ,same MSI file used to install in the server.

My questions are :

  1. I have installed octo-pack in the Main solution “WinService” or required in supporting WIX set up solution also ?
  2. While creating TFS build, how to do build for both setup (WinService and WinServiceSetup) , to get updated MSI file , means which path should be given in Project to Build dropdown, is it possible to give both build definition.

can some one help me to create octopus deployment for window service developed using WIX.

thanks in advance!


Here is a blog post that describes one way of deploying an MSI file using octopus deploy.

Once you have an MSI file in a NuGet package in Octopus Deploy, it is fairly easy to set up a deployment using the Run - Windows Installer Step.

To get to that point you need a NuGet package that contains an MSI file. One way of doing this is to manually invoke octo.exe pack as part of your build process, after you have created an MSI file.

Alternatively, you can use OctoPack to do this for you as part of the build. OctoPack should only be installed into the project that you want to package. In your case, this is the “WinServiceSetup” project. You can read on the OctoPack documentation page about which files end up in the NuGet package. If you MSI does not end up in the NuGet package, you can always manually specify this file in the files section of your .nuspec file.

With regards to setting up your TFS build, have a read of our TFS/VSTS documentation, which talks about different ways of packaging your project. As described in that article, if you are using OctoPack then you’ll need to specify some MSBuild arguments as part of your build configuration. This is needed for the build step for the project that uses OctoPack (in your case, this would be “WinServiceSetup”).

Hope that helps!

HI Peter
Thanks for your response
I have completed the deployment by doing below changes.
1Rremoved wix setup from the solution
2.installed octo-pack and corresponding configuration changes
3. created window service installation process steps

WIX setup is not at all required for installing window service through octopus, as tentacles will help to install the exe directly.