Octopus.Deployment.Created is not easy to parse


  • It’s using whatever locale is installed on the Octopus Deploy computer, in my case Norwegian (“4. desember 2015 15:35”)
  • It’s using the time zone of the Octopus Deploy computer, in my case UTC+1 right now
  • It’s omitting the seconds, but I don’t see the point of not including this information

This makes it very unpredictable to parse, such as for custom presentation of build date in the footer of a website.

Proposed solution:

  • Use ISO 8601 formatting
  • Either use UTC datetime or include the timezone offset
  • Either change the current variable or create a new variable with this new behavior


Thanks for the suggestion. The date variables are in a nice “human readable” format which makes them difficult for machines to parse. I have created a ticket with your suggestion to also include machine-parsable date variables:



Thanks, I’ll follow the ticket. Closing this discussion.