Octopus Deploy with dynaTrace

We started working on Octopus Deploy and it works well one box where we do not have dynaTrace installed.

When we started to push deployment on the machine where DynaTrace is installed we get below message as a error which actually is an info from dynaTrace.

Hi Ravi,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m not a dynaTrace expert, but I would suggest dynaTrace is injecting itself into the Tentacle.exe and/or Calamari.exe applications and erroneously writing its own info logs to STDERR.

I found this article which may help: https://answers.dynatrace.com/questions/97065/dynatrace-agent-causing-powershell-to-throw-stderr.html

Otherwise I would recommend finding a way to tell dynaTrace not to inject itself into the Octopus executables.

If you don’t have success with this, could you please send through the raw logs as attachments to this post, and mark the thread as PRIVATE so you don’t share any secrets with the world.

Hope that helps!

Mike is totally right. You can turn on default logging of the Dynatrace Agent. For .NET Based Applications you simply set the an enviornment variable called DT_DISABLEINITIALLOGGING.
You can find more information about this either in the article that Mike pointed out or simply check the Dynatrace Agent Doc: https://community.dynatrace.com/community/display/DOCDT62/.NET+Agent+Configuration

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the confirmation!