Octopus Deploy user interface stops responding after a day or two

I have the Octopus Deploy dashboard as a pinned tab in Chrome, so I can always quickly access it.

After a period of time however, my Octopus Deploy tab stops responding. I can access the tab but the screen is completely blank. Even if I tried to refresh the page, it keeps being blank. The only solution is to unpin the tab, close it and start Octopus Deploy in a new tab.

I have many other pinned tabs, for example TeamCity, gmail, and these never had problems like these.

I know that Octopus Deploy is a JavaScript application which refreshes automatically on changes (I can seee quite a lot of traffic to ‘dashboard’, when inspecting network traffic).

We are just one version behind (

Never even dawned on me to pin Octopus Deploy. I’ll try that myself and if I see the same thing I’ll bump this thread later on. Great idea.

Hi Morten and David,

We are also pinning the tab in Chrome to try to replicate this, and will get back to you as soon as we have some information!


Some additional findings:

Octopus Deploy is leaking memory. If you open the task manager in Chrome, you can see how much memory each tab is using. Octopus Deploy had used almost 1 gb of memory, after 2 days idle on the dashboard.

I have experienced the same thing on 2.4.7.

Hi all,

I kept the tab open for 3 days (only viewing it once a day) and memory usage remained ~128mb. Using Chrome 35.0.1916.153.

Perhaps an extension isn’t playing nicely with the dashboard? Would it be possible to try pinning the tab in incognito mode?


Thanks for researching Paul,

After having the tab pinned in an incognito window for about 8 hours with moderate use the tab is consuming about 211mb of memory. We probably have about 30 projects on our Octopus dashboard.

Chrome version 35.0.1916.153 (same as you).

Thanks Lars,

We’re going to fix this in 2.5 by occasionally doing a full page refresh: