Octopus Deploy Slows Down during package upload

Hi Guys,

We use the following command to in a PowerShell script to upload nuget packages to Octopus Deploy.
$octopusapi.UploadFile(“http:///api/packages/raw?apiKey=$apikey”, $_.FullName)
We have noticed that whenever the script to upload package is run, octopus deploy Ui start to slow down.

Also we recently found on the DB side the Octopus Deploy connectivity to DB server has reached maximum session count. We believe that package upload script is causing DB session to max out. We are trying to find the facts to support this assumption.

Could you please let us know if package upload process like this could cause Octopus Deploy to slow down or cause DB session count to max out.

Any info regarding this would be appreciated.


Hi Arun,

Thanks for getting in touch.

There are a couple of tools we can use to diagnose what is going wrong. In recent versions of Octopus Server we log database connection exhaustion to the server logs. We also list open connections in the “System Report”.

If you are running a version before 3.12.5 could you please upgrade to a more recent version. Then:

Take a System Report while a package upload is in progress (while your are seeing the symptoms of a slow UI and maximum session count) and send it to us. The System Report is available from Configuration > Diagnostics.

Are you uploading one package at a time or many packages at once?