Octopus Deploy service starts before SQL Server service


We are using Octopus Deploy with a local SQL server installed (as this is the sole product that uses SQL server in our environment).

We recently noticed that sometimes, after a server reboot, the Octopus deploy service wasn’t started. We quickly found out that the Octopus Deploy service was started before the SQL Server service, and thus would fail.

I’ll create the dependency manually, but i wonder if you have already encountered that issue, or if i missed something in the installation ?



Hi Adrien,

Thanks for getting in touch!

We usually find customers use a separate SQL Server, so this is not an issue we have come across before. As you’ve said, adding a dependency manually is the best way forward for now.

I’ve logged an issue so that we can improve the setup process and if using a local SQL Server, we can add the depedency automatically.

Happy deployments!