Octopus Deploy of a javascript application from a Visual Studio project

Do you have a sample Visual Studio project that shows a javascript application being deployed using octopack/octopus deploy? I am comfortable deploying a c# web app (using Teamcity) to IIS; what I want to do is try to integrate a pure javascript application deployment into that pipeline. Executing the steps out of a Visual Studio/Octopus Deploy environment is straight forward, but getting it working well end-to-end in that environment seems less mature.

The deployment needs to include:

  • nuget for bootstrapping
  • npm for packages
  • bower (with git support)
  • gulp
  • javascript minification, css minification, etc
  • generation of a nuget package for deployment
  • support for running the project in a browser by a developer un-minified

Having a single solution with no pre-requisite installs on the build server would be the direction I am trying to head towards. Thanks.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for getting in touch. Octopack can only be used in the context of MSBuild, so this wouldn’t apply on a pure JS app. For these kind of apps, you need to add a specific build step to pack your application.

The NuGet packages that Octopus deploys should have the ready-to-be-deployed version of the application. It is important to understand which steps should be ran on the build server, and which on Octopus. The steps you mention below seem to be a mix of both. Would you mind explaining which are you planning on running from your build server, and which from Octopus?