Octopus consumer deployment issue

Case: We were using octopus on a different server with a domain user and deployment was working fine. After some time, we changed the domain user password and Octopus stopped working, and the log showed that PSexec command did not execute through Octopus.

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I wonder if you’ve had a chance to verify if the Octopus Service is running correctly?
If the server isn’t starting correctly (you can’t navigate to the portal), then it’s possible that as the service is set to Run as a Domain user, it may no longer be able to log in as that user to run correctly.

If you can check the machine that Octopus is running on by doing the following steps, it would be a good starting point for troubleshooting:

  1. Log in to the machine that runs Octopus Deploy.
  2. Open Services.msc (Windows Key + R → Services.msc).
  3. Locate the OctopusDeploy service and right-click → properties.
  4. Click on the “Log On” tab and then “Browse” to find the service account.
  5. Enter the password for the service account and hit “Apply”.

This should verify that the system has access to the account specified, once this has been done start the Octopus Service (Right-click → Start).

This should allow you to navigate to the portal and deployments should continue if they are scheduled or you can perform manual deployments as normal.

If I’m incorrect and Octopus is running as normal and it’s a deployment target that isn’t functioning as expected, the same steps can be taken above but with the Tentacle service on the deployment target itself.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions or you run into any issues with the above.

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Previously, we were using local account for Octopus service and it was working fine so why would need to change the password in domain user account?

Hi @cmehta,

Apologies, from the phrasing of your original post you mentioned you were using a domain account with Octopus, I figured that meant you were running the service as a domain account, rather than the local account.

Could you please go into more detail about the exact issue you’re experiencing?
Is the issue in relation to a deployment failing?

If possible, can you send over the Octopus Server logs located in C:\Octopus\Logs\, or if the issue is in regards to a failed deployment, the raw task log?
If you would rather upload these to a secure location, feel free to upload them to our support files repo: Support Files.

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