Octopus commits not showing in the deployments page

Hello Team,

The builds getting triggered from team city are sending the commit information to Octopus however it seems octopus doesn’t seem to read this information and show it up in the commits section of the releases.

Please let us know which logs to look for or which configuration to change for fixing this issue.

Hi @abrarm,

There are a few things you can check here.

Firstly, within Teamcity, do you have a Create Release step and if so, does it occur before or after the Push Build Information step? If it is running before it then re-ordering this to come afterwards may resolve the issue.

The next thing to check would be within Octopus. If you go to Library > Packages and select a relevant package does it display the Build Information?

Lastly, when you select a Release using this package and view the Packages section does it display any build information there?


Hi Paul,

We checked our build configuration steps, we do have Create Release step in teamcity and “Create Release” step occur after the “Push Build information” step.
the issue remains same.

However In Octopus, When I go to Library->Packages->Click on recent package-> All I can see the package details, but I don’t see the build information section.

If you check the Build Information page (Library > Build Information) within Octopus I assume that there are items listed in there?

It would be worth confirming that the Build Information package name and version exactly match the application package name and version.

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Hi Paul,

We checked the Build Information page (Library > Build Information) , this is blank for newer deployments, In our build server we can see the build information passed to Octopus with commit id (Jira ID), but i don’t see any build information in Octopus. I also tested Jira connection from Octopus to Jira, it seems fine.

Could you please suggest what could be the issue here.Is there any step we need to add in Process deployment steps?

If there are no Build Information packages being added when the build pipeline runs then that is likely the problem.
The Commit information is included within the Build Information package and this is then used by the Jira integration to retrieve the relevant work items.

It would be worth taking a look at the Push Build Information step and ensure that it is configured correctly. Not targeting an incorrect Space for example.
If you want to add the logs for the Push Package and Push Build Information steps we can take a look through them too.

Hi Paul,

Please find the attached screenshot for the Push build info log and push package log,

Please let me know if it helps.

Thanks for sharing that.

Nothing immediately jumps out as being problematic there.
Would you be able to email (support@octopus.com) through the entire build log file?

Hi Paul,

I did few changes in the build config and now i am able to see build information in Octopus. However, work items and Jira integration is still not working, I can see in the build information but i dont see my Jira ticket number in Octopus and vice-versa.
Please refer attached screenshot:

Teamcity log:

NHW-35 is Jira issue number.

Good to hear the build information is now appearing.

The Jira work items are handled by a separate integration. If you head to Configuration > Settings > Jira integration has that been configured fully and does it return successfully when using the Test button?
Full details on the Jira integration configuration can be found here.

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