Octopus.com accounts not merged

(Murray Roke) #1

I couldn’t find a good place to ask this question, this is the closest…
I have 2 accounts on help.octopus.com, they are: murray.roke (from google) and murray_roke (one I want to keep, using my work email).
The Murray_roke one says the murray.roke Gmail one is linked, but if I log in with google I don’t see the same account as when I log in with my work email
Whenever I come to the site I click google and wonder why there’s nothing there, then re-log using my work email.

Are you able to help.

(Dane Falvo) #3

Hi Murray,

Thanks for reaching out.

I’ve looked at your two accounts and your gmail account has no posts created and pretty much no data.
Would you be happy if I just deleted that account from our system?

This should have the desired effect. The next time you accidentally try to log-in with your gmail account, you should just get denied.